Connect For Primary Schools

Connect for Primary Schools

5th April 2020

Encouraging children to actively engage, to be bold with their learning and to connect across the curriculum.

Extraordinary Worlds

At the heart of As Creatives Connect lie our Extraordinary Worlds. In a whole-school assembly, each “world” is introduced by our own Learning Explorer, Ady. As he travels through time and space, in his specially designed pod, he is faced with a series of challenges that can only be overcome with the pupils’ help. His call to action will propel the children back to their classrooms with a very real sense of purpose to complete the tasks ahead.

A menu of age-differentiated resources, all firmly rooted in the National Curriculum, provides everything teachers need to plan a day of exciting and engaging immersive learning for their class. And, structured closing assemblies allow the pupils to share and celebrate their learning at the end of the day.

Extraordinary Worlds include: The Extraordinary World of Pirates, The Extraordinary World of Mini Beasts, The Extraordinary World of Vikings!

Not every day can be a WOW Day but you can continue to stretch your pupils’ creativity at any time, by utilising everything else that As Creatives Connect has to offer…

Daily Creative

Quick challenges to promote the ABC mindset: actively engage … be bold … and connect! Some tasks will be mental and some will be physical, but none will require any additional resources! A great way to start the day, or to warm-up after break, how will your class take their daily dose of Creativity?

Connect Games

We’ve always used play in our practice (and we always will!) – and Connect Games is a quick and easy way for you to learn our favourites. We’ve a whole host of short films showing you exactly how they’re played – and downloadable resources outlining ways they can be applied to different subjects, topics and themes.


Assemblies are an important and integral part of school life – but there’s often little time to plan for or resource them. So we’ve designed a whole range of interactive and engaging assemblies, many marking the seasonal landmarks that pepper the school year!

Active Maths

Active Maths is our innovative approach to building pupils’ mental agility and consolidating their skills with number facts, characteristics and operations. It’s quick and easy to get going – and the resource contains over a hundred thousand age-differentiated, super-speedy challenges!


Tap into a treasure trove of exciting resources, supporting you in delivering high-quality learning experiences across a range of subject areas. And As Creatives Connect is easy to navigate, too; so you can jump in and root around – or refine your search to find exactly what you want.